About Zeitgeist Media Group Agency

From our Sydney and Brussels offices we represent talented writers and illustrators from around the globe. Be it penning books, film, television, theatre, print or online Zeitgeist manages these creatives and their associated media careers. Our writers and illustrators reside in Europe, Australasia, Asia, and America. China stories have captivated us and we agent a number of contemporary Chinese writers that will astonish and charm you. Setting us apart from other Agencies is our Zeitgeist Publicity Department. This gives us the capacity to generate unsurpassed media coverage for our writers and their work.

The Zeitgeist Story

Zeitgeist Media Group Agency was founded in 2006 when Directors Sharon Galant and Benython Oldfield met at a dinner party in Shanghai. Sharon was running a chain of English language bookstores while Benython was on an Asialink grant seeking out Chinese writers to represent in the West. After signing a number of writers both returned to their home cities; Sharon to Brussels, and Benython to Sydney. They both continued to grow their lists and agent overseas and domestic writers. In the last year, Emma Nicholas has joined the team in Sydney.

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Meet The Team

Benython Oldfield, the Sydney based Director of Zeitgeist Media Group, has been in media and publishing for nearly 20 years. He has worked as a producer at ABC Radio, Channel 7, and Radio 2UE. His start in publishing was as a publicist at Random House championing first time and well known authors. Benython became interested in Asian writing after he attended a publishers' fact finding tour to China. He then worked with Chinese writers Xinran Xue, Jung Chang and Xialou Gou. In 2006, Asialink and The Australia China Business Council awarded Benython a grant to search for new Chinese writers to represent in the west. He lived in Shanghai for 5 months signing Chinese writers to Zeitgeist and was on the committee of the Shanghai International Literary Festival. He now agents around 30 creatives.

Sharon Galant is the Founding Director of Zeitgeist Media Group Literary Agency in Europe.
She has worked in publishing and the book industry for the last 10 years. She started her career with Editions Complexe, an independent publisher based in Brussels that specialises in literature, history and international relations. In 2004  she moved to China where she managed a major English language bookstore chain (Chaterhouse Bookstores). In her role as buyer and events organiser, she reviewed virtually every title published about China and met new and upcoming authors, both Chinese and long-standing expats. Sharon is a fiction aficionado but has a soft spot for thought-provoking non-fiction. This stems from a previous career in international aid organisations (European Commission, CARE International) which brought her to live in many parts of the world, including the Middle East, Africa & Eastern Europe. Sharon handles manuscripts in English, French and Dutch and can converse in Hebrew & Mandarin. 
Emma Nicholas joined Zeitgeist Media Group in 2011 as an agent. She has worked as a sub-editor and journalist for publications in Washington, Sacramento, and Sydney. She studied International Relations at Georgetown University and has a keen interest in words and languages (she studied German and Arabic) and learned enough Mandarin to ensure her survival while hiking along the Great Wall of China for 2,800 kilometres in 2007. She has no immediate plans for another long journey, so is keen to find fiction authors with a unique voice; non-fiction authors with a great topic; and inspiring children's and young adult authors and illustrators.
Amy Simpson Deeks, the Sydney based Co-ordinator of Zeitgeist Media Group has been working with Zeitgeist since 2010. Amy received the UTS University Medal for her double degree in writing and international studies.
Thomasin Chinnery joined Zeitgeist in 2014 after several years as a freelance editor and translator. Her early career was in marketing, strategic planning and project management for a Fortune-500 US corporation. She is also on the board of a charity supporting women’s education in Zambia. An American living in Europe for over 20 years, she speaks distinctively Mediterranean languages – French, Italian, Spanish — and loves spending any free time she has around that wonderful European sea. Thomasin is on the lookout for illustrators as well as great voices in children’s books: Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Picture Books.

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