Damon Young

Damon Young is a philosopher and author who writes for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the BBC. You can also hear Damon on Australian and UK radio. His first book, Distraction (MUP, 2008) was recently published in the UK/USA by Acumen Publishing. His next book is Philosophy in the Garden (MUP, 2012). He is an Honorary Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Melbourne. Damon is also soon to become a children’s picture-book author. He has two forthcoming stories signed with UQP.


Distraction: A Philosopher's Guide to Being Free

Damon Young

Most of us struggle with distraction every day: the familiar feeling that our attention is not quite where it should be”.  But what is distraction?

In his lucid, timely book, Damon Young shows that distraction is more than too many stimuli, or too little attention. It is actually a matter of value – to be distracted is to be torn away from what is worthwhile in life. And for Young, what is most worthwhile is freedom: not simply rights or legal liberties, but the capacity to patiently, creatively craft one’s own life. Exploring the lives of such luminaries as Henri Matisse, Karl Marx, Seneca and Henry James, Young exposes distraction in work, technology, art, politics and intimacy. With warmth and wit, he reveals what is most valuable, and what is best avoided, in the pursuit of a life of one’s own.

Australia 2008: MUP
UK/US 2010: Acumen
Mexico 2011: Ediciones B

“Young communicates ideas with enthusiasm and a genuine

emotional connection to his subjects, their triumphs and
frailties. He is a talent.” – The Australian

“Lucid and optimistic” – Financial Times (UK)

Website - http://damon-young.blogspot.com.au/p/about-me.html


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