Brooke Davis

BROOKE DAVIS is from Bellbrae, Victoria. She completed her Honours degree at the University of Canberra, winning the Allen and Unwin Prize for Prose Fiction, the Verandah Prose Prize, and the University Medal. She recently completed her PhD in Creative Writing at Curtin University in Western Australia. During her time there, she received the 2009 Bobbie Cullen Memorial Award for Women Writers, the 2009 AAWP Prize for Best Postgraduate Paper, and the 2011 Postgraduate Queensland Writing Prize. Brooke currently lives in Perth and also works as a bookseller. Lost & Found is her first novel.

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Lost & Found
Brooke Davis (AUS)

WinnerAustralian Book Industry Awards, Fiction Book of the Year 2015
WinnerAustralian Book Industry Awards, Best New Writer 2015
Winner iBooks Fiction Book of the Year 2014

Lost & Found is a comic story about finding beauty in the ugliness of grief. Karl, Agatha, and Millie discover that old age is not the same as death, that the young can be wise, and that letting yourself experience sadness just might be the key to life.

Millie Bird, seven years old, also known as Captain Funeral. She always wears red gumboots to match her red, curly hair. Her mother, not coping well with her husbandís death a few months ago, leaves Millie in a local department store and never returns. Agatha Pantha, eighty-two, has not left her house since her husband died seven years ago. She fills the new silences in her life by yelling, watching loud static on television, and maintaining a strict daily schedule. And Karl the Touch Typist, eighty-seven, once used his fingers to type out love notes on his wifeís skin. Now that sheís dead and gone, he types his words out in the air as he speaks.

A series of events binds the three together on a road trip (by train, bus, car, foot). A mannequin they nickname Manny comes along for the ride. Millie wants to find her mum. Karl wants to know how to be a man. And Agatha just wants to go home.

Agatha and Karl hold hands in a cemetery. Karl kisses her in front of a train carriage of people. Agatha locks him out of their cabin. Agatha kisses him in front of some men in an outback pub. And they have sex in the desert in front of no one but the early morning sky. Agatha and Karl return, giddy from having sex on the desert floor. When they canít find Millie, they panic.


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