Daria Desombre

DARIA DESOMBRE was born in Saint Petersburg where she studied at the Hermitage Art School and received a Masters in English and Spanish from Saint Petersburg's State University. In 2000 she moved to Paris and completed a MBA in fashion marketing and management. Daria was head of advertising for the jewellery house Mauboussin before devoting herself full-time to scriptwriting. She writes for leading film companies in Russia and Ukraine. She also adapts US and European TV programmes for the Russian market, including Drop Dead Diva and The Mentalist. Daria lives in Brussels with her husband and two children. She is finalising the fourth novel in the Intellectual Detective Series and working on the script for the TV series of the first novel The Ghost of Heavenly Jerusalem. 



The Intellectual Detective Series

‘If Dan Brown was a woman?’  – ReadRate.ru 

‘The most promising debut author of 2014’  – Lev Novozhenov, 

star host of NTV’s Nashi programme, Russia’s #1 TV channel


A Russian crime thriller series blending art and history enigmas in the spirit of Da Vinci Code.

Book 1:  The Ghost of Heavenly Jerusalem (2014)

Bright and stubborn 22-year-old Moscow University law school graduate Masha Karavai is obsessed with finding out who killed her father.  She lands an internship at No. 38 Petrovka, the Russian Interior Ministry’s Headquarters. 

Masha researches a series of enigmatic and often gruesome murders which at first appear unrelated. But when Masha discerns a connection between the victims and the symbolic world of medieval Russian Orthodoxy, she and her boss Andrey investigate the fanatical murders.  She enrols the help of her childhood friend Innokenty, a historian and antique dealer, who reveals to her the ancient layout of Moscow, and the potential connection with the holy city in heaven called New Jerusalem, described in great detail in Saint John's Apocalypse. Analysing the locations of the murders and the medieval execution methods and symbols used, they come closer to linking the mysterious murders. But then the serial killer starts playing a game with Masha in which the stakes are the lives of those she is closest to.   

Book 2: Ingres’ Enigma (2015) Masha and Andrey investigate the strangling of several plump and ordinary working women in Moscow.  They discover a connection to Ingres’ masterpiece Turkish Baths, and must solve a rebus puzzle to find the murderer.   

Book 3: The Delft Tiles Mystery (2015) When an oligarch finds his precious 16th-century Delft tiles stolen, Masha’s investigation to unravel the tiles’ secrets leads her to Jewish jewelers in Bruges and Antwerp and to the Cheapside Hoard in London, with deadly consequences.



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