Fabienne Blanchut

FABIENNE BLANCHUT is a children’s author, television writer-producer and media consultant. After completing a Masters in Multimedia Studies, Fabienne launched her career in television. She writes and produces documentaries and weekly series for French and Belgian TV. Fleurus published the first Princesse Parfaite in 2005 and have since added two new titles every year. The series quickly became a bestseller with 140,000 copies sold a year (nearing 1M copies), translations in 18 languages and a TV cartoon adaptation in the pipeline. Her new series ‘Les Coquinettes’ was published by Hachette in 2012 (seven titles to date). Fabienne recently ventured into young adult fiction: based on the true story of Ham, the chimpanzee launched into outer space, she recounts the adventures of Joshua Shapiro with 60 years of American history and space travel as a backdrop.

Ages 3-6
Illustrated by Camille Dubois

France 2005-2015 · Fleurus Editions
N. America April 2016 · Beaver Books

Translated into 19 languages
*  UK Commonwealth rights available
*Other rights represented by Fleurus Editions
*  Full English translation available 

Perfect Princess Zoe

‘ Perfect Princess is one my favorite French children’s series.
Zoe struggles with both sides of her personality. The Princess books try to encourage princess-like habits but also acknowledge that kids have a built-in impulse to do “bêtises”.’
– Pamela Druckerman, author of French Children Don’t Throw Food (US title: Bringing Up Bébé)

A bestseller in France, Zoe has shown millions of kids how to behave well in a playful and original way.

Say hello to Princess Zoe!  First she’s naughty, messy, jealous, too curious.  But then Zoe remembers how to be the perfect princess and behaves beautifully:  she shares her toys, cleans her room, asks politely. Through Zoe’s daily misadventures that all young children experience, she turns bad behaviour into good. 

Aimed at 3-6 year olds, Princess Zoe is the heroine of the bestselling Perfect Princess series. They are favourites for children and parents alike. Lovingly illustrated, the sweet simple rhymes truly captivate little readers.  Parents love Zoe as her stories help teach their children difficult lessons like not telling lies, being polite and helpful.  

The series features over 23 titles including Zoe is Shy, Zoe is Impolite, Zoe and Generosity, Zoe Can’t Wait for Christmas. Each book is approx 24 pages and follows the same structure: cheeky behaviour on the left page/good behaviour on the right. There’s even a little certificate for good behaviour at the end of each book.


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