Janet England

JANET ENGLAND grew up beside picturesque Moreton Bay surrounded by a big family who love science fiction, so it’s no surprise that she’s an avid stargazer and fan of space exploration. After a career as a journalist reporting local and national news, she now works in media and issues management for major events including the 2018 Commonwealth Games. She lives in sub-tropical Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two children. Miranda Moon is the first book in a trilogy.  Janet is finalising book two and three.

Miranda Moon
Book 1 in the Miranda Moon Trilogy 

Cassandra has a paranormal protector and an alien boyfriend, but no idea who she is or where she comes from.

Cassandra is a teenager haunted by nightmares and voices.  She lives in the shadow of her supernatural protector, Miranda, a fiery, powerful paranormal entity who promises her peace from the ghostly voices that trouble her, as long as she remains obedient.

Her childhood is a solitary existence until Andy Laurence moves to her neighbourhood, the magnificent yet strangely unsettling Moreton Bay.  The pair grow close and their profound bond strengthens over the years. Though Andy can’t stop her nightmares and terrifying visions, he vows to help Cassandra find the key to her hidden past, eventually revealing that she’s not the strangest teenager on the planet.  Andy is one of 20,000 refugees from the distant planet LuzKaanen, marooned on Earth after a great cataclysm in space.

Attention turns to Cassandra when some refugees form violent and dangerous factions to find their way home, and she may be the key to getting them there. Now that she’s a target, a budding romance turns sour as Andy morphs from childhood friend to overbearing bodyguard. Over-protective Miranda hovers over every interaction, yet refuses to divulge the secrets she knows about Cassandra and most likely about Andy as well.

Cassandra eventually learns that the answer to her strange life on Earth lies in space, a place she is afraid to go. But surrounded by dangerous refugees from another galaxy and Miranda, she might not have a choice.


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