Aline Chevalerie

ALINE CHEVALERIE is a lawyer by day, storyteller by night.  She studied law at Columbia University and in Brussels.  She was an associate for an American law firm, and now is in-house counsel for a European telecommunications company. Aline is a passionate storyteller, regularly invited in British classrooms. She manages to keep her two children silent on long European car journeys with her invented tales. Aline is working on Book Two in the series, with the working title The Snow Troll. Tales of Petra & Hiro: A Shadow Over Appledore is her first novel.

Tales of Petra & Hiro:
A Shadow Over Appledore
A tale of two nine-year old’s friendship, resilience and courage.
Set in Appledore, between the Mighty Mountains and the Sea of Storms, The Tales of Petra & Hiro tells of the adventures of two inseparable nine-year olds, Petra and Hiro. 

When Petra’s handicraft fails to produce a suitable Earth Day present for her mum, she goes looking for an alternative but instead ends up rescuing a dragon cub, Hessiah.  Soon thereafter, Petra’s parents set out in search of medicine to prevent a potentially fatal epidemic, while a horse-riding competition puts Petra’s courage to the test and self-doubt grows in the heart of Hiro. 

When Petra’s parents are abducted by the dark witch Jezibah, Petra doubts the chance of a successful rescue by Appledore villagers, and resolves to find and convince Hessiah the dragon to help her save them.  Hiro goes with her, setting aside his fears and risking his own parents’ anger for the sake of his friend.

With little more than their courage and ingenuity, the two children overcome many perils to reach Amber Mountain, the dragons’ home.  Can they persuade Hessiah’s mother the dragon-mage Halimah to help them?  How will they combat the powerful evils of Jezibah?  The adventure that follows is full of gripping scenes of black magic, traps, spells and magical creatures.  And along the way is the heart-warming, loyal and determined duo, Petra and Hiro.   


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