Rika Z. Vayianni

Author RIKA Z. VAYIANNI is a journalist and writer, currently living and working in Athens and on several Greek islands (there are far too many to stay put on one). This is Rika’s second book for young readers, following Strawberry Birds-Our Love, co-written with Nikos Vergitsis, published by Kedros. 

Rika Z. Vayianni, author (Greece)
Daniela Stamatiadi, illustrator (Greece)

It’s So Boring to Be Bored
A kind and clever witch's magical journey from perpetual boredom to finding the meaning and essence of life

Kira is a talented, kind and clever witch with one single flaw: she is perpetually bored even though she has everything anyone could ever wish for.

On the eve of her ninth birthday (which is 29,000 in human years) Kira does not know what to do: she tries the best and most beautiful dresses and styles her hair in fifty-six different ways, yet nothing seems to work. She feels as bored as ever and unable to impress her one and only guest: herself!

Until her wise cat Nyara, an immortal, discreet, noble, and incredibly effective feline comes to her rescue with a totally unexpected gift and teaches Kira the most important lesson of her life.


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