John Barron

John Barron is a journalist and documentary-maker. He presents a daily, national news and current affairs program on ABC NewsRadio. John has followed American politics for many years, and has reported on several US Presidential elections. He is making a documentary on the 2008 campaign with his wife, film-maker Rebecca Glenn. When not following the campaign trail they live in Sydney.

Vote For Me! The Long Road to the White House

John Barron

In Vote For Me!, Australian journalist John Barron provides the insight only an outsider can give, with a fascinating, funny and at times frightening look at the way America picks its President. It's been said that any American child can grow up to be President, but in more than 200 years since George Washington was sworn in as the first US President in 1789, only 42 people have. All of them were white, all of them were men. Among them, visionaries, war heroes, manic-depressives, pill-poppers, alcoholics, sex addicts…and George W. Bush. The President of the United States is the most powerful politician on earth, decisions made in The White House have a major impact on people all over the world, yet most of us don't really understand how or why someone becomes President.

John Barron's witty and perceptive political observations are a must read.
- Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Australia 2008 (University of NSW Press), US 2009 (University of Washington Press)

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