Mark Kitto

Mark Kitto finally found his vocation in China where he created a unique publishing empire. He made millions but then lost it all to his Communist Party partners. Rejecting corporate life he now lives peacefully with his Chinese wife and family in a village built by missionaries. He also writes a column on China for the UK’s Prospect Magazine.

China Cuckoo - How I lost a fortune and found a life in China

Mark Kitto

China Cuckoo: How I lost a fortune and found a life in China is the true story of a witty and eccentric Sinophile Englishman and his Chinese tree-change. It’s set in Moganshan, a dilapidated, beautiful Chinese mountain village once favoured as a summer retreat by Shanghai’s saints and sinners. The author, Mark Kitto, a former commodities trader and magazine publisher, is the first westerner to return and live in the village fifty years on.

Rejecting the corporate world and the glamour of Shanghai, Mark eventually persuades his urbane Chinese wife to make Moganshan their permanent home. With a toddler in tow they take the bold step of moving their lives to the isolated village, taking over an old brothel to start a western style cafe.

China Cuckoo takes us into Kitto’s most entertaining and painstaking days, weaving through village politics and bureaucratic farce to gain a foothold, a livelihood and respect on the mountain top. Mark’s story is a piercing illustration of past and present China’s relations with foreigners. It describes, in the words of one who has suffered and benefited from both, the risks and rewards of going China Cuckoo.

“Written with humour and nerve” – Sunday Telegraph

“Eccentric expat Britons have historically made good fiction but Mark Kitto doesn't need to make it up.” – Australian Associated Press

“A fantastic old-school, three-piece suited adventure from a man who knows China far better than most.” – Geographical Review

“An Englishman with a wanderlust, the urge to run away and a fascination for the Far East finds himself in Deng Xiaopeng’s China as the door creaks open and foreigners are granted access to a communist leviathan.” – Panorama

Australia 2009 · Murdoch Books
UK 2009 · Constable Robinson
USA 2009 · Sykhorse
Published as Chasing China

* All other rights available


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