Theresa Miller

Theresa Miller has twenty years' experience in the media, starting as a reporter at Channel Nine News in Adelaide and later working for Good Morning Britain, BskyB's 24-hour news channel, The European Business Channel, and CNN’s World Report. Since her return to Sydney, Theresa has freelanced as a reporter, presenter, and producer for channels Nine, Seven, SBS and the ABC. In 2000, Theresa was a media adviser to the Sydney Lord Mayor during the Olympics. Since then she's worked as a media trainer and journalism lecturer, and as producer of ABC Radio National's 'Life Matters'. She lives in Sydney with her husband Stuart, their (IVF) daughter, Zoë, and their recently-born 'home grown' baby, Sienna.

Making Babies

Making BabiesPersonal IVF stories

Theresa Miller

Around the world, 15% of people who want to have a baby are unable to do so, and their struggles with infertility often lead them to try IVF. But only a third of them will ultimately go home with a baby in their arms.

Making Babies tells 14 personal stories of IVF, taking us inside the world of egg harvesting, blastocyst transferral and hormone injections. From single mothers to long-term heterosexual and gay couples, Making Babies offers real stories ranging from the heartbreaking to the inspirational. These are tales of personal endurance, loss, unwavering dedication and sacrifice and, above all, confirmation of the inexplicable love that stems from the act of becoming a parent — whether through natural means, reproductive technology, surrogacy, or adoption.

“Offering parents a degree of hope, as well as a realistic appraisal of the IVF experience, Making Babies makes for dramatic and compulsive reading.”
- The Age

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