Michelle Nouri

Michelle Nouri was born in Prague and was raised in Baghdad. Her family lived through the Iraq-Iran conflict. In 1988 she and her mother and sisters fled to Prague after her father abandoned them. In 1991, at the age of eighteen, Michelle moved to Italy to seek a better life. After learning Italian, Michelle built a successful career in the Italian media, working in both television and print, covering the lives and issues of immigrants in Italy. She also interviews politicians, writers, cultural gurus and sports figures.

The Girl From Baghdad

Michelle Nouri

An opulent and violent Iraq. The dream of a better life in a foreign land. The true story of a woman torn between two worlds.

Michelle’s mother is from Prague, her father from hot, fragrant Baghdad. Her Iraqi childhood reads like a fable, full of sun and games with her sisters and cousins in the crowded house of her grandma, the matriarch of the powerful Nouri family.

As a child, Michelle doesn’t fully comprehend the tension between East and West in her upbringing – Muslim ceremonies, private ballet classes, overseas trips – but her adolescence brings on a crisis when family tradition dictates she should marry a cousin.

She resists family pressure and finds herself flattered by the attention of Uday Hussein, eldest son of dictator Saddam, who finds her irresistible. Before too long the world Michelle knows collapses: a war breaks out with Iran, and her own father betrays her.

Impoverished and abandoned, her only option is to flee to Czechoslovakia, and to embark on a painful and emotional journey between different cultures: Arabic, ex-communist and Western.

Nouri has a fiery voice that speaks of adolescent oblivion, the constraints of Arabic culture, Czechoslovakian communism and her personal struggle at the junction of East and West. The Girl From Baghdad is a personal confession of a tortured past. It is a solid first book. From striking imagery of war-torn Iraq to scenes of bloody domestic violence, Nouri's emotional aptitude leaves the reader feeling truly touched by her story.” –Time Out Sydney

Lebanon 2013  · Arab Diffusion
Australia 2011 · Random House
Italy 2007 · Rizzoli           

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