Welcome authors,

Zeitgeist Media Group (ZMG) is a unique writers’ agency. Media exposure is our specialty and sets us apart. Our books are seen, heard, read and talked about. Think of us as a conduit for your work to reach publishers then TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, and online audiences, and of course readers.

In the modern publishing environment, the biggest challenge facing authors is the increasingly small amount of time that a book has to become popular before being taken off the shelves or disappears into e-obscurity. In this atmosphere where some books have ‘a shorter shelf life than yoghurt ’, ZMG prides itself on pushing publishers go harder promoting, selling and marketing your book. This keeps your work visible and in the consciousness of the booksellers and book buyers.

Once your work is accepted, ZMG gives you ongoing editorial support and information on sales, royalties, advances and the publishing process. When your manuscript is ready to be submitted, ZMG will match your writing with the best publishers across the globe.

ZMG has links with over two hundred publishers, and works closely with other sub agents and movie producers.

Our commission is 15% for local sales in the country where the author resides and 25% for international sales. Film and Television commission is 15%. ZMG is the intermediary between you and the publishing company.

This allows you to relax when it comes to business negotiations, marketing ideas and finding a publisher. You can focus on the work and be the ‘good cop’ writer, while we act as the ‘bad cop’ negotiating the best deals possible.

In its creation, a book travels through many hands. It starts with you but will be passed from publisher to editor, to proof reader, to jacket designer, to typesetter, to printer, to marketer, to sales reps, to key account managers, to special sales, publicity, distributors and finally booksellers. Now we need the reader to know about it, get excited purchase and spread the word.

It’s all about us checking every step of this process and being an advocate for you in an extremely competitive publishing market.

We love our publishers dearly but we’re also there to make sure the publisher fulfills their responsibilities and doesn’t drop the ball at any of these stages. We’ll watch over editorial and fight for any changes you don’t want. We’ll organize your sign-off on the jacket. We’ll check the retail price of the book, tap the publisher firmly on the shoulder if the book is not well distributed and keep track of print runs and stock levels. We’ll also make sure the publisher sticks to the agreed publicity and marketing spend. On the off chance that the publisher does not meet our publicity expectations ZMG can complete a national media campaign with our extensive and established media contacts.

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